Thursday, January 31, 2008


Not sure what I was thinking with my original idea for this blog. Entirely too time consuming. Instead, this will be my personal food blog.

Not your run of the mill pretentious food blog.


piper of love said...

I am so into this idea.... you'd get mad love on Cre8buzz if you jumped it off there.

The Mom said...

Hey looks good so far, great header!

Thanks for stopping by today! My post wasn't even close to being related to certain *cough* familial *cough* relative, who told you that??!! I didn't say it did I? I meant it.... LOL! ;)

Stacey Snacks said...

Hi Kelly, for some reason I can't comment at your Kelly's Korner site. Thanks for checking out my blog!. Do you collect antique coffee items? I love coffee too, and love all your vintage posters on your site!
I will keep checking your blog!
How about some coffee cocktail recipes?